Consulting Service

Talent Mapping

Talent Mapping is a process of collecting market information of prospective candidates within defined target organisations, further broken down into segmented groups or teams including organograms. This is a custom-made solution for clients that can facilitate decision making in the case of confidential recruitment, current /future projects etc.


Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence allows recruitment professionals to build a dynamic strategy to hire top talent. This information can also give Recruiters and hiring managers a deeper understanding of what the labor market is like for a specific position while providing an edge to their own competitor talent maps.


Compensation Benchmarking

Compensation benchmarking involves analyzing the main components of each position and comparing these positions to similar jobs in other companies.


Recruitment Process Outsourcing

RAMSOL Recruitment process outsourcing can support a part or all of our Client’s permanent workforce hiring function through a comprehensive set of our recruitment resources posted at our Client’s premises.


Training Programmes

RAMSOL's Corporate training is a means of providing trainees with the knowledge and skills i.e. upskilling and reskilling.


Professional CVs

Candidate’s resume plays an important role for selection in the interview and this is where our role comes into the picture. Our experience helps in bringing out the Candidate’s hidden talent and skills in their CV which helps them to get shortlisted easily.